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Fully Automatic Metal Cutting Machine

Gear Box

Gear Box is a of Helical geared motor instead of WORM type, which in turn increases the cutting rates and the overall efficiency (98%) of the machine due to positive transmission of the TORQUE.

Fully Automatic Metal Cutting Machine

Hydraulic Power Pack

Separate & Compact Power Pack Tank with easy to handle Valve Station. All the connections are done through Rubber Hoses instead of MS tubes for avoiding oil leakage and pressure drops.

Fully Automatic Metal Cutting Machine

Rear Feeding Arragements

Fabricated bed duly stress relieved, with heavy beam support below the machine columns to dampen the vibrations arising due to cutting forces and to eliminate distortion to achieve life long accuracy.

Fully Automatic Metal Cutting Machine

Operator Console

An ergonomically designed consolalong with the touch screen HMI with all must have function controls.All electrical components have clear designation and neatly mounted for easymaintenance. It is well covered and designed to keep dust and moisture away from critical components. Touch screen apart from all function keys also displays piece counter, blade life etc. Also consist of a detailed fault diagnostic feature with all possible solutions being displayed on screen,.

Fully Automatic Metal Cutting Machine

Dovetail Type Movable Blade Guide

Heavy duty Dovetail type Moving Blade Guide , manufactured to excellence, with practically no clearance between the assembly , thus achieving deeper depth of cut and vibration free operation.

Fully Automatic Metal Cutting Machine

Linear Motion Guideways

Saw frame movement on highly precise Pre-hardened and Pre-loaded Linear Motion Guides for smooth cutting operation with least friction during up-down movement.

Fully Automatic Metal Cutting Machine

Blade Tensioning

Please note, we are giving standard, hydraulic blade tensioning. Kindly note, this is a very important aspect in the performance of blade, as to get better blade and consistent blade life, there should be an optimum tension, as designated by the blade manufacturer for this size of the blade. Our tensioning equipment has been calibrated for the desired tension and also with the help of a Trunion type assembly to help in easy alignment of wheel. This you cannot expect from manual blade tension equipment and hence hydraulic tensioning should be a standard feature.

Fully Automatic Metal Cutting Machine

Bundle Cutting Attachment

A heavy duty bundle cutting attachment uses double acting cylinders and generates enough force to keep the bundle intact during cutting operation as well as during bar feeding, resulting in repeatability.

Main Vice - It's a split type construction keeps the job and cut piece in clamp condition till cut is fully completed. It avoids movement of small cut pieces along with the blade and eliminates any damage to the blade thereof

Shuttle Vice - It moves on heavy duty solid hard chrome plated two guide bars instead of flat bed, which has tendency to wear out over a period of time, resulting jamming of shuttle vice.