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Environment Protection & Commitment

At Indotech, environmentally responsible business is a given. Therefore the company holds to the strictest environmental standards and is committed to responsible use of resources and energy.

We feel responsible for sustainability as well as for the protection of resources and nature. That is why environmental protection is an integral part of our company philosophy and active corporate policy.

Important aspects for INDOTECH are among others :
Environmentally friendly production methods, economic use of raw materials, low water and energy consumption.

INDOTECH attaches great importance to environmental compatibility as regards its construction activities.
An example for this is the production hall which was newly built in 2008. The following points can be mentioned here:

  • Complete heat supply by secondary heat from compressors
  • Layered ventilation
  • Process refrigeration with inclusion of brook and well water
  • Heat recovery
  • Use of energy-efficient illuminates with inclusion of daylight
We implement all current requirements and directives like the chemicals regulation REACH as soon as possible unless they are covered by our own strict environmental protection criteria.