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Robustness & Accuracy :

Indotech Horizontal bandsaws machines are notable for their robustness and accuracy, with the aim of guaranteeing the productivity and cutting quality you need.
These band saws of small and big dimensions machines has been conceived to obtain the best performance of productivity and blade-life.
Every sub-function has been carefully analysed and solved applying the most advanced technology as calculus by finite elements method for this end. Focused to cut materials which are difficult to machine, such as Inconel, Hastelloy, Titanium, Stainless Steel, etc., as well as any mild steel, taking into account the needs of solidity and hardness for the cut of this kind of materials.

Big Dimensions Horizontal Bandsaw Machines

For semiautomatic band saws LMGS up to 2000mm capacity the feeding and positioning of the material is done by the high level of automation which is also called as automatic band saws LMGA(S) with transfer system, where the table is movable for positioning the material in the cutting point.

Automatic gantry band saws (MH) Moving Head, where the saw head is moving and positioned in the programmed cutting point.

Columns and sawhead are filled in with concrete polymere and fabricated in a unique piece, avoiding any vibration during the cut. Material fastening is done by both sides of blade, guiding arm is adjusted automatically to the material width and it is held hydraulically during the cut.
This range is composed of automatic and semiautomatic models till 2000 mm capacity