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  • Double Coloumn Bandsaw Machine

    Indotech Horizontal bandsaws machines are notable for their robustness and accuracy

  • Vertical Bandsaw Machines

    Indotech vertical band saws can cut aluminum, brass, copper, mild steel, tough tool steel, stainless steel and sheet metal.

  • Plate Sawing Machines

    Vertical plate band saw machines are designed to cut plates and big blocks of materials that are difficult to machine.

  • Special Purpose Machine

    We are engaged in design and manufacture of special purpose Band Saw machine required for high production rates with consistent quality which is today's need in engineering manufactur use.

  • Miter Cutting Machine

    This mitre cutting band saws have has been conceived to obtain the best performance of productivity and blade-life for the steel structure industry.


Specification550 LMGA/LMGS
Cutting Capacity in mm

Cutting speed in mtr/min20-80
Blade size in mm8031x54x1.6
Blade TensionHydraulic
Saw Motor Capacity in HP12.5
Hydraulic Motor Capacity in HP2
Coolant Motor Capacity in HP0.25
Job Indexing Available inLMGA Version
Hydraulic Reservoir in Ltrs100
Approx Weight in Kgs    
Overall Dimension mm